Welcome to my site!

Thank you for visiting my web page!  My mission by means of this website is to Educate, Engage and Empower women of all ages and backgrounds. 


I am an Ob-Gyn.  But, I am also a mother, sister and friend.  In each of these realms I have realized women always want to know more about their bodies but don’t always feel comfortable asking their doctors about the “small” or “embarrassing” stuff.   Instead, we talk to friends, sisters, family or look online.


Sometimes we get the right information- but, most of the time we propagate myths that can actually do us more harm than good.

I started this website to have those same conversations with women and provide them with medical answers they can apply to their daily lives- accurate information from trusted sources and providers.  I really want to engage women in the process of learning about their bodies and make them feel comfortable enough to ask questions.  And, ultimately, create an online community where women can speak with experts, and each other.

My personal blog will discuss general women’s health topics covering gynecology and obstetrics based on the most frequently asked questions I receive on a regular basis.  There will also be other women’s health specialists who will post about more specific topics like infertility, female cancers, high risk pregnancy, urinary health, and family planning.


If women have accurate medical knowledge, they have more options.  This allows women to fully participate in making healthy choices and to live fuller lives.


A big wish of mine is to connect women with each other.  I want to develop a network of professional women and students who can guide, collaborate, and support one another in their fields.  I have created the mentorship page where we will be featuring a woman each month that may be seeking opportunities or guidance in her field, making it easy for others to reach out and connect professionally.  Please feel free to submit any recommendations you may have for this feature.

In order to keep the content fresh and relevant to all women, the site will also feature social blogs written by young college women.  It will discuss the health concerns as well as many social pressures that are unique to that age group.  I’m sure I will not be able to help myself from including the occasional “juggling mom” perspective from time to time, as well as invite women from other life perspectives to share their written stories.

Dryepez.com is by women for all women.  Basically, this is your site!  I welcome ideas, feedback and participation.  This is a work in progress and I hope we can create something great together!

Get Involved!

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I’m really excited to start this journey and to take a small part to help EDUCATE. ENGAGE. EMPOWER women everywhere!

In Good Health,

Elizabeth Yepez, MD