Be Your Own Best Valentine…Love Your Body!

A year ago,  I decided to add “blogger” to my already overwhelmed job descriptions and responsibilities.  On February 10, 2014, with the help of some great friends, I was able to launch my website “”.  It has definitely been a labor of love….and as an Ob/Gyn, I know labor!  I started off blogging twice a […]

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Part 3: Demera was 8 months pregnant …

20 years old, 8 months pregnant…and newly diagnosed with breast cancer.  Women of all ages and backgrounds can get breast cancer.  Detection is key in survival.  Watch Demera’s story of strength and triumph.   Dr. Yepez talks BRCA and hereditary breast cancer Most breast cancer is spontaneous, so a breast mass should never be ignored.  I […]

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Part 2: Teresa went from soccer mom to breast cancer with one call

Teresa was a busy mom who focused all her energy on her kids.  One morning she found a lump that turned out to be an uncommon form of breast cancer.  It would be a summer she would never forget.   Dr. Yepez discusses taking control of your health When my sister developed breast cancer, I stopped and took a […]

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Part 1: Lisa makes a decision that saves her life…

“I’m sure it’s nothing, you’re too young.”  Those were the initial words Lisa heard after seeking medical attention for a lump she found on her breast.  Thankfully, her doctor decided to take precaution and sent Lisa for a mammogram and ultrasound of her breast.  That decision saved her life. Dr. Yepez talks breast cancer screening All it […]

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