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Your “Not-So-‘W​ell’-Woman​-Exam” at every decade–Teen-20’s

“March Madness” is all about “March Wellness” at Hopefully, you had a chance to read my blogs this month “Open wide…And, no, you are not at the dentist” and “HPV:…It’s so “in”, You didn’t even you had it.”. If so, some of your fears of going to the gynecologist have been replaced by knowledge […]

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“Open wide….And, no, you’re not at the dentist”

I consider myself really fortunate to have a job that I love. A big part of my gratification is the fact that I get to see my patients year after year at all stages of their life.   While I hope that my patients are just as happy to come and see me, I realize they don’t necessarily enjoy […]

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