This site’s for you!

As I mentioned in my Welcome Blog, is a site by women for all women and we are here to EDUCATE  you about your body and your health issues.  So here’s your chance to let us know what those needs are!


Have you ever been too embarrassed to ask your already rushed doctor that certain question you’ve been wondering about?


Something you and the girls talk/laugh about when you get together but you dare not ask your gynecologist about?—unless your gynecologist happens to be your best friend…yes, I know!


Do you have a health issue that you are currently going through that you would like other people, yourself included, to know more about? (HPV, menopause, irregular menses, fibroids, spotting on birth control, irregular pap smear, infertility, etc.)


Send me your questions in the comments section below.  I will be blogging on the topics you submit so that the website better serves your needs!  We will also feature a “QUICKIE” section soon for those burning questions that just can’t wait for a blog!


And remember to share the site with your family and friends…the more people we get on the site the more interactive and informative we can make it for you!


If you would like your question to remain PRIVATE please write PRIVATE  in your message.  All comments are read prior to being posted and your privacy is important to me but don’t let this keep you from submitting your concerns and ENGAGING in the conversation!